How we work....

You have information to communicate. I have the skills and experience to help you communicate it effectively. Whether it's developing a brochure, writing or fine-tuning your web content, light or substantive editing, polishing a paper for submission, or developing marketing collateral, Hallenburg Communications can provide the level of assistance as you require. Project scope can range from a single project or few hours' quick review to long-term collaboration. Call 503-867-7211 or e-mail for an initial no-charge consultation.

Specializing in the natural sciences, animal welfare, environmental protection, and gardening/horticulture. 


Web Site Content Development

We have years of experience writing and designing clear, concise manuals, tutorial guides, spec sheets, instruction sheets, and on-line help documentation for scientific instruments, components, and software.  We specialize in ensuring that your documents are clearly presented and easy to digest.